If I can help encourage you, or help you organize your activities, email, call, or text me. You need to be sure your preparation program is working for you, especially if the upcoming ACTs are a target.

You need to use the tests to pinpoint weaknesses to work on;

Take a section of the test

Use the explanations to correct the section.

Assess your incorrect answers 

Use these worksheets to help Marking and Evaluating Tests
Aggressively ask yourself if you truly understand how to answer the question

Could you explain it to someone?

Be realistic as you will encounter something like it again

Get more explanation from me via email or phone

Let me help set up a plan of improvement

 Now is the time to get your program going!!

 By asking questions you can help me determine the types of questions and situations to focus on as I develop more instruction segments.  You can really help me pinpoint what we need to focus on.

Be smart and stay safe.